2007-12-14 Christian Thaeteradd libcwa submodule libcwa
2007-12-14 Christian ThaeterCoverted most of the sidebar menu to libcwa
2007-12-12 Christian ThaeterMerge commit 'origin/master' into libcwa
2007-12-12 Christian Thaeterlet REQUEST_METHOD default to GET
2007-12-12 Christian Thaetertags in summary
2007-12-12 Christian Thaetercrude time-stats report
2007-12-11 Christian Thaetertest config file update, enable more features
2007-12-11 Christian Thaetersome small mixed fixes
2007-12-11 Christian ThaeterWIP: Huge libcwa'fication
2007-12-11 Christian Thaeterremove some 'cgit_docend()' calls
2007-12-11 Christian ThaeterFIX: cmdline arg handling
2007-12-11 Christian Thaeterpagetemplate roundup, put diagnostics at the end
2007-12-11 Christian Thaeterreworked cgit_log_link(), new repolink()
2007-12-11 Lars HjemliAdd plain patch view origin/HEAD origin/master
2007-12-09 Christian ThaeterWIP: cgit_log_link returning Html tree, should be simpl...
2007-12-07 Christian Thaeter'cgit_print_error()' conversion to libcwa
2007-12-07 Christian Thaetermake 'struct cgitpage cgit_page' global
2007-12-07 Christian ThaeterWIP: pass 'page' around when generating results
2007-12-07 Christian Thaeterremoved redundant 'html_str()', few cosmetics
2007-12-07 Christian Thaeterrename html() function
2007-12-06 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'fixes' of into libcwa
2007-12-06 Christian Thaetertwo small fixes handling uninitialized data fixes
2007-12-05 Christian Thaeternow the sidebar, incomplete yet.
2007-12-05 Christian Thaetercrude repolist generation with libcwa
2007-12-04 Christian Thaetercreate a html template page, not used yet
2007-12-04 Christian Thaeterlibcwd sync
2007-12-04 Christian ThaeterAdd a pagetemplate structure/constructor
2007-12-03 Christian Thaeterobsolete old_html_include
2007-12-03 Christian ThaeterMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-12-03 Christian Thaeterfix Makefile, create and run configure in libcwa only...
2007-12-03 Lars HjemliAdd support for automatic and custom clone urls
2007-12-02 Lars HjemliMerge branch 'stable'
2007-12-02 Lars HjemliHandle missing timestamp in commit/tag objects origin/stable
2007-12-02 Christian ThaeterWIP: cwa integration, obsolete/commenting out some...
2007-12-02 Christian Thaeteradd emacs file variables
2007-12-01 Christian Thaeterintegrated building of libcwa
2007-11-27 Christian ThaeterWIP: various changes (amend this commit) test.tar.bz2 master
2007-11-23 Christian Thaeteradded upload form
2007-11-23 Christian ThaeterWIP: work on edit UI, debug output for do_commit
2007-11-23 Christian Thaeterbarely working edit ui
2007-11-23 Christian Thaeteradding goibhniu's html skeleton
2007-11-22 Christian Thaeterundo Makefile changes, using cgit.conf now
2007-11-21 Christian ThaeterWIP: merged old test code, for a serious start now
2007-11-21 Christian Thaeteradd and configs for running in place
2007-11-20 Christian Thaetermerge with Lars
2007-11-16 Lars HjemliAdd cell-spacing in html
2007-11-16 Lars HjemliUse tables for page layout
2007-11-16 Lars HjemliGimp my logo
2007-11-11 Lars HjemliAdd support for "robots" meta-tag
2007-11-11 Lars HjemliGenerate valid html for "downloads" menu header
2007-11-11 Lars HjemliMerge branch 'lh/testsuite'
2007-11-11 Lars HjemliSet commit date on snapshot contents
2007-11-11 Lars HjemliSet commit date on snapshot contents
2007-11-11 Lars HjemliFix html error detected by test-suite
2007-11-11 Lars HjemliCreate initial testsuite
2007-11-09 Lars HjemliMerge branch 'stable'
2007-11-09 Lars HjemliCGIT 0.7.1 v0.7.1
2007-11-09 Lars HjemliMakefile install: include cgit.png, do not empty cache
2007-11-09 Lars HjemliMinor css tweaks
2007-11-08 Lars HjemliMerge branch 'stable'
2007-11-08 Lars HjemliSupport "/" as virtual-root
2007-11-06 Lars HjemliMakefile: link with libiconv if NEEDS_LIBICONV is defined
2007-11-05 Lars HjemliMerge branch 'iconv-rebased' of
2007-11-05 Lars HjemliShow lines changed as -n/+m in shortlogs
2007-11-05 Lars HjemliUse utf8::reencode_string from git
2007-11-05 Jonathan Bastien... Convert subject and message with iconv_msg.
2007-11-05 Jonathan Bastien... Add iconv_msg function.
2007-11-05 Jonathan Bastien... Set msg_encoding according to the header.
2007-11-05 Jonathan Bastien... Add commit->msg_encoding, allocate msg dynamicly.
2007-11-03 Lars HjemliDon't show the the branch selector button if javascript...
2007-11-03 Lars HjemliDo not require javascript-enabled clients
2007-11-03 Lars HjemliCGIT 0.7 v0.7
2007-11-03 Lars HjemliUse GIT-
2007-11-03 Lars HjemliDon't include current SHA1 in 'log' menu-item
2007-11-03 Lars HjemliDon't include current path in menu links
2007-11-03 Lars HjemliFix search form action/hidden fields
2007-11-03 Lars HjemliAdd search parameters to cgit_log_link
2007-11-03 Shunichi FujiFix typo in css
2007-10-30 Lars HjemliChange the cgit layout
2007-10-30 Lars HjemliAdd config param 'index-info'
2007-10-28 Lars HjemliTeach cgit_object_link() about tag objects
2007-10-28 Lars HjemliMake print_branch() handle refs not pointing at commits
2007-10-28 Lars HjemliTeach log search about --grep, --author and --committer
2007-10-28 Lars HjemliAdd html_option() function
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliMerge branch 'stable'
2007-10-27 Lars Hjemlicgit_parse_commit(): Add missing call to xstrdup()
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliCleanup code introduced by the filter-refs topic
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliMerge branch 'filter-refs'
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliAdd links to the new refs page from summary page
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliAdd support for refs view
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliMake cgit_print_branches()/cgit_print_tags() external
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliAdd descriptions of summary-branches and summary-tags...
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliAdd support for config param summary-branches
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliMove logic for age comparision from cmp_tag_age into...
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliAdd support for config param summary-tags
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliSort tags by age
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliUse reflist to print tag info
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliUse reflist to print branch info
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliAdd functions and types for ref lists
2007-10-27 Lars HjemliMerge branch 'stable'