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ownerChristian Thaeter
last changeThu, 14 Jul 2011 22:21:20 +0000 (00:21 +0200)
2011-07-14 Christian Thaeteradd .gitignore master
2011-07-14 Christian Thaeterdeploy mem functions in bufq and pftree
2011-07-14 Christian Thaeteradd strndup to mem.c|h
2011-07-14 Christian Thaetermemory management helpers
2011-07-11 Christian Thaeterintroduce buffer queues
2011-07-08 Christian Thaeterrename ON_CERROR and NO_CERROR
2011-07-06 Christian Thaeterrename DIE to CERROR_DIE
2011-07-06 Christian Thaeterfully qualified NOBUG_ names for logging
2011-07-06 Christian Thaeterrename error to cerror
2011-07-06 Christian Thaeterreplace ON_ERROR_GOTO(target) with a more generic ...
2011-07-06 Christian ThaeterEven more error makeover
2011-07-06 Christian ThaeterSupport for error hierarchies
2011-07-05 Christian Thaetercosmetics in error.h
2011-07-05 Christian Thaetermove error handling into its own dir
2011-07-05 Christian Thaeterfixes in error.h|c
2011-07-05 Christian Thaetercleanup in the priqueue test-code
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