2007-05-09 Jonathan WrightAdding running of ~/.iorc back in but this time using... quag quag/master
2007-05-09 Steve DekorteMerge git:// origin/HEAD origin/master
2007-05-08 Steve DekorteMerge git://
2007-05-08 Steve Dekorteadding some git scripts
2007-05-08 Steve DekorteMerge /Volumes/Internal500GB/Users/steve/IoProject/Io
2007-05-08 Jonathan WrightRemoving ~/.iorc support from the CLI
2007-05-08 Steve Dekorteupdated PortAudio binding to work with latest PortAudio
2007-05-08 Steve DekorteMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-05-07 Steve DekorteFlux updates
2007-05-06 A. Bram NeijtIndentation
2007-05-06 A. Bram NeijtRemoved bash expansion to support older Make versions
2007-05-06 A. Bram NeijtTypo: /source -> ./source
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightSamples: more cleanups and fixes
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightSample: Cleaning up
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightSample: renaming to
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightSample: cleaning up Inheritance
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightSample: adding writeln example to
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightSample: Fixing
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightPretty Printer (method asString): convert setSlotWithTy...
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightSample: Fixing
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightSample: fixing
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightSample: cleaning up CommandLineArgs sample
2007-04-29 Jon KleiserFixing sample:
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightRemoving committed build files: projects/osxvm/build
2007-04-29 arkadijshaSamples: Fixing
2007-04-29 Jonathan WrightBox Addon: fixing up build problems
2007-04-29 Steve Dekorteadding IoVectorApi.h
2007-04-28 Steve DekorteMerge git://
2007-04-28 Steve DekorteMerge git://
2007-04-28 Jonathan Wrighttrivial formatting: Removing trailing whitespace from...
2007-04-28 Jonathan WrightMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-04-28 Jonathan WrightCoros: choice to use fibers, ucontext or setjmp made...
2007-04-28 Steve DekorteMerge git://
2007-04-28 Jonathan WrightRemoving checked in build files in projects/IoSaver...
2007-04-28 Steve Dekortecommiting IoPlayer OSX
2007-04-28 James Burgesscleanup for Box addon
2007-04-27 Steve DekorteMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-04-27 Steve Dekortelatest
2007-04-27 James Burgesswindows.h is required before GL/gl.h
2007-04-27 James Burgessimport libraries for User addon
2007-04-27 James BurgessMissing decls for UArray compare routines
2007-04-26 James Burgessvariable declaration in function body
2007-04-26 Jonathan WrightAdding File positionAtEnd
2007-04-25 Jonathan WrightCleaned up stack traces
2007-04-25 Jonathan WrightFixing warning in recent dotProduct fix
2007-04-25 Jonathan WrightFixing Sequence dotProduct(seq). Returned self instead...
2007-04-25 Jonathan WrightMethod printing supports setSlot(someCode, value) as...
2007-04-25 Jonathan WrightAdding foo := lazySlot(1+2) to be the same as lazySlot...
2007-04-25 Jonathan WrightRemoving Vector from addons/*/depends files
2007-04-25 Steve Dekorteupdates for flux, opengl and IoPlayer/osx
2007-04-24 Jonathan WrightBlock asString: Don't show file:lineNumber label when...
2007-04-23 Jonathan WrightGetting ~/.iorc to work again
2007-04-22 Jonathan WrightRemoving \n from before output prompt ==>
2007-04-20 Jonathan WrightC error messages use type instead of "Object"
2007-04-20 Jonathan WrightSequence appendSeq(object1, object2, ...) instead of...
2007-04-19 Jonathan WrightMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-04-19 Jonathan WrightMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2007-04-19 Jonathan WrightODE Typo: IoODEBody_worldDestoryed
2007-04-19 Steve DekorteMerge /Volumes/Internal500GB/Users/steve/IoProject/Io/
2007-04-19 Steve Dekorteadding IoSaver files
2007-04-18 Steve DekorteMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-04-18 Steve Dekortevector and flux fixes
2007-04-18 Jonathan Wright+ exponents are now valid: 1.212121e+18
2007-04-17 Jonathan WrightGLFW Addon: Tweaked build files to get GLFW to build...
2007-04-15 Jonathan WrightCleaning up Z_Importer
2007-04-15 Jonathan WrightCLI labels messages "Command Line"
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightCleaning up the CLI code
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightMessage setLabel is now recursive like the c version
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightRemoving unneeded \n from an IOASSERT message
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightRemoving commented out code from
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightObject doFile: Removing undocumented arguments
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightRemoving commented out methods from IoFile. Code was...
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightCleaning up Object lazySlot and some unit tests
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightFixing bug in method printing now that appendSeq doesn...
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightFixing bug in relativeDoFile (and making it a clone...
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightAdded doRelativeFile("path relative to calling file")
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightUpdating Object launchFile to set the new System launch...
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightAdding if(isLaunchScript, ...). Like Python's if __FILE...
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightRemoving dead function, platformVersion, from build...
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightRemoving special cases for appendSeq. Was accepting...
2007-04-14 Jonathan WrightRenaming build/ -> build/
2007-04-13 Jonathan WrightAdding unit tests for vector and string compare operations
2007-04-13 Jonathan WrightFactoring out error handling in IoXmlWriter to a single...
2007-04-13 Jonathan WrightRemoving setIsServerBinding from addons/*/
2007-04-12 Jonathan WrightFixing Sequence println -> (null) bug
2007-04-09 Jonathan WrightFixing normalize (again... got it wrong the other time)
2007-04-08 Jonathan WrightAdding Vector Max/Min for itemwise min/max
2007-04-08 Jonathan WrightFixing up bug in ISVECTOR implementation
2007-04-08 Jonathan WrightNo longer print out loadAddonNamed(<name>) while loadin...
2007-04-08 Jonathan WrightFixing Sequence normalize
2007-04-08 Jonathan WrightSmall cleanups to handling of IoObject protos
2007-04-07 Steve DekorteMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-04-07 Steve DekorteMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-04-06 Jonathan WrightFixing coro leaking bug when using GLUT callbacks
2007-04-05 Steve DekorteGLUT updates
2007-04-03 Jonathan WrightAdding some of the old Vector methods back in (set...
2007-04-01 Steve DekorteIoSaver updates
2007-03-30 Jonathan WrightFixing up warnings and bugs indicated by warnings
2007-03-30 Jonathan WrightAdding Vector product
2007-03-30 Steve Dekorteadded test for willFree